Site Development

December 7, 2011 4:33 PM

Well here we go then!  My site has languished with no love nor attention for many years.  To be honest I had very little use for it, nor any desire to spend time working on it.  Now, however, it's time it became something more than it was, for a start, my recent review at work said that I had to start blogging on tech related topics, so I had to get a blogging platform.  Here's the thing though, I just couldn't bring myself to just roll YAW, I'm not denying that Wordpress is a very good platform, it's just not one that I want to learn at the moment.  So instead, here we are in with a real simple CMS, build with the Yii! Framework, which I think it brilliant btw, and a shoddy looking design.

Regarding the design, I aimed for a layout that meets my requirements and I'm happy with that. I however can't do design work, I plan to try and convince my brother to give it a worthy skin!


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